Central Australias Pet Experts
Here at Pets 'R' Us, we know just how big a roll companion animal can play in peoples lives, that's why we keep everything on hand that you may need to keep your family member happy and healthy.
Whether it's your mate that goes to work with you on the back of the Ute, you'll find all the necessities, as well as a few luxuries, right here.
Outdoor bedding, toys, chews, they're all designed to keep your dog or puppy happy and safe. We naturally carry a similar range of items for cats, including scratching posts, litter & litter trays, toys and treats!
We don't generally have puppies in the store, but we do sometimes have kittens that will have been vaccinated and vet checked before you take them home,they also come with a written health guarantee. So you can have perfect peace of mind if you decide to take a new family member home from us.
In the store we stock, and feed, exclusively, the Black Hawk and BARF ranges of food.
While we dont have puppies, if you are after a specific breed we will try and point you in the right direction and if possible put in touch with a registered breeder of your chosen breed.
Similarly, we only have domestic "moggie" kittens in the shop but, as registered breeders themselves, Liz and Scoot have an extensive network of breeders who's details can be passed on to you if you are looking for a specific breed. For more information on Pedigree cats, click on the "ACF" link at the bottom of the page, to visit the Australian Cat Federation website.
Please feel free to browse our suppliers websites via the links. We can always get items in for you, even if they aren't part of our "stock range".
Send us an Email if you have and queries.