Central Australias Pet Experts
Here in our store you will find everything you need to keep your aquarium, bowl or garden pond in tip top shape. We keep in stock a range of standard glass aquariums, stands and cabinets, gold fish bowls, plastic aquariums, self contained aquarium units, leading brand filters, air pumps, heaters and all of the other associated items needed to make fish keeping a pleasure, not a chore. We carry a range of pond pumps and filters to suit virtually any situation you may have.
 While we a very restricted in the range of fish we can legally have here in the NT, we endeavour to carry a variety of species to cover the majority of aquatic habitats anyone might wish to recreate. Come in and you'll find a range of gold fish, tetra's, cichlid's, live bearers, fighting fish & their relatives and a host of others. We also stock a range of Aquatic and Semi Aquatic plants, for your pond or aquarium.
We keep a comprehensive range of foods including fresh and frozen food, as well as a number of specialist food lines. Naturally we also have a full range of both pro-active and re-active medications and supplements.

 At the bottom of the page are links to our major suppliers of aquariums, accessories and fish, have a browse around, and, as always, if you find something we don't keep in stock, just drop us a line and we will endeavour to get it in for you.
So if you are thinking about bringing a little piece of nature into your home, in the form of an underwater world, drop in and have a chat, we'll get you headed in the right direction from the start.

EMAIL us with any queries you might have.
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