Central Australias Pet Experts
The links below aren't necessarily directly related to pets, the are just some sites you might find usefull, interesting or informative.
AquariumLife is an Australian based online forum largely devoted to the keeping of Planted Aquariums.
An extremely informative site, it is frequented by some of the best Aquatic Gardeners and Aquascapers in the country.
ANGFA is the Australian New Guinea Fishes Association, the premier Australian organisation devoted to our native aquatic life. Well worth a visit.
The Home Page of the Grand Lodge of South Australia and Northern Territory. A site with detailed information relating to Freemasonry in the NT and SA.
A small site that is the home page of Alice Springs Lodge No. 156
Online Conversion is a handy site for doing Imperial to Metric conversions etc.
Frogwatch, all about Frogs and the ongoing battle against Cane Toads.
The NT Government logo below takes you to the NT Animal Welfare website. Information relating to the Animal Welfare Unit and Advisory Committee as well  other usefull info is available from this site.