Central Australias Pet Experts
With the advent of smaller houses, units and flats etc, a lot of people are turning to "alternative pets", pets that don't need to take up a lot of space, don't need to be taken for walks, don't need secure yards and are generally fairly easy to care for. Many reptiles (and amphibians) fit this situation perfectly. While we don't have an extensive reptile display area, we try to carry a variety of different reptiles. Our "stock lines" generally cover things like Children's Pythons and Carpet Pythons, Bearded and Netted Dragons, Tree frogs, and Blue Tongues from time to time. If however you have your heart set on something a little different, Monitor lizards (Goanna's) or Gecko's for example, just let us know. We will soon get back to you with a price and the availability of the "Herp" of your choice.
We keep reptiles ourselves (as do some of our staff), so we know what the necessities are, and also offer a range of non-essentials that can turn a plain vivarium into a feature point in your home.

On hand in the store you'll find a full range of the hardware items you'll potentially need, from thermostats, to hide rocks, natural look feed and water bowls, frozen rodents, live crickets and woodies, heat lamps and pads, and more. We can also organise reptile enclosures themselves. As with our other sections we have the supplements and medications you might need, not to mention the knowledge to get you get you started off right in the first instance. We ship reptiles nationwide.
To keep any of the vast majority of reptiles, you'll need a Permit, issued by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, this is exactly the same permit required to keep a lot of our native birds, and we have all the necessary paper work on hand to cover this, but, remember: you don't need to have a permit to buy a reptile (or permitted birds for that matter), you send the paperwork off after taking you new pet home and Parks and Wildlife will send your permit to you.
At the bottom of the page are links to our major suppliers of reptile related goods, take time out to have a look around these sites, and if you see anything that we don't have, but you would like, simply let us know and we'll see if we can get it in for you. Email us if you have any questions! We'd love to hear from you.