Central Australias Pet Experts
Are you looking for something to help teach your children about the responsibilities and pleasures of pet and animal ownership? Do you want something that they will be able to take charge of and to care for?
Here at Pets 'R' Us in Alice Springs, we have a variety of small animals suitable as pets, we have Rabbits, in an assortment of breeds, Rats (which are actually highly intelligent and very clean animals), Mice as well as Guinea Pigs in a multitude of colours and coat types.We have on hand all the items needed to safely house, feed and care for these fascinating animals, as well as toys and accessories to enhance their living environment through physical and mental exercise.
A lot of the "classic" small animals that people may think of, like Hamsters, Gerbils and Chinchillas are not available in Australia, so it is important to make sure that the housing and toys you buy for your pet are meant for the species you are keeping, and not something that has simply been imported because it looks good without consideration as to its practicality.
Unfortunately, NT laws (like Queensland) prohibit the possession of Ferrets, so we are not able to have these incredible animals in the store.So, if you are thinking of starting your kids off in the world of pets (or, your just young at heart yourself), drop in and have a look at our range of small companions, and we can take you through what's involved with their keeping, from dietary supplements to specialist shampoos we've got them covered.At the bottom of the page are links to our suppliers of Small Animal products, have a wander around, and if you see anything at all that you would like but we don't stock, we'll do our best to get it in for you.
Email us if you have ANY questions! We'd love to hear from you