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You would only feed your­self the best qual­i­ty food, don’t make your pet set­tle for less.

Whether you have a dog, cat, rep­tile, bird, rodent or fish at home, you want to know you can pro­vide them with some­thing tasty and healthy to eat. Pets R’ Us have a wide selec­tion of food that is sure to fit the needs of any pet diet. Choose your pet cat­e­go­ry from below to see the wide vari­ety of good qual­i­ty foods we stock. 


With Alice Springs being a huge dog town, Pets 'R' Us carries a large range of products for all sorts of pooches both BIG and small.

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Cats are such amazing creatures and often misunderstood. We supply local and remote cat owners with food, toys, furniture, scratching posts and much more. All the tools and accessories you need to give your family member everything they need.

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Small Animals

Small Animals can be great, low maintenance pets and will keep you smiling with their sense of humor! With a healthy diet, proper housing and exercise, your small animal will continue to thrive.
You can find everything your little pet needs right here at Pets R Us.

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The keeping and breeding of birds as a hobby (aviculture) is popular in Alice Springs and all over Australia. Nearly all species of Australian parrots and finches can be found in aviaries and homes. Many introduced or exotic birds are also kept by aviculturists. Pets R Us staff have expert experience in the keeping and breeding of both Australian & Exotic birds, so if you want some advice call in and see the team.

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Whether your a beginner or an expert at keeping reptiles as pets, or looking to add a new member to the family, you'll find what you're looking for among our extensive range of snakes, bearded dragons and other lizards. We also sell turtles and hermit crabs.
Our staff love all kinds of animals - just like you they can see the beauty in creatures that slither, crawl, shed and hop, and they can give you great advice on selecting a reptile to fit your lifestyle.

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Fish & Aquatics

Pets R Us prides itself on a complete inventory of fish supplies and of course live tropical and cold water fish varieties, decorations, filter systems, tanks, stands, aquarium lighting, heaters, and much, much more. If there is something you need and don't see in our store, we'll be glad to place a special order just for you. We stock everything from beginner starter aquarium kits and all-in-one Nano aquariums to expert level aquarium supplies and tanks. We offer the latest in cutting edge aquarium supplies as well as tried and true favorites including LED aquarium lighting!

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