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    XP3020 at a glance:

    • Chick­en meal, brown rice, chick­en fat.
    • No split ingre­di­ents, no mul­ti­ple sources of grains.
    • Pro­tein comes from high qual­i­ty chicken.
    • High qual­i­ty chick­en fat.
    • If your dog food can’t match this – it’s time to change.

    XP3020 is an Xtra Pre­mi­um dog food for­mu­lat­ed specif­i­cal­ly to pro­vide all dogs with the cor­rect nutri­tion for all life stages. We achieve this by com­bin­ing only the best ingre­di­ents to pro­duce the opti­mum blend of pro­tein, fat, car­bo­hy­drate, amino acids, vit­a­mins and min­er­als, man­u­fac­tured to AAF­CO standards.

    XP3020 takes an holis­tic approach to nutri­tion and pro­vides high qual­i­ty Chick­en Meal as its pro­tein, togeth­er with nat­ur­al fruit, berries, and veg­eta­bles to pro­vide every­thing you could want for your dog. With its high metab­o­liz­able ener­gy, XP3020 ensures your dog receives all the nutri­tion it requires to keep it in top condition.

    The result is you feed less than ordi­nary food, but your dog is nev­er hun­gry because he actu­al­ly gets more out of the food. Whether you show, do obe­di­ence, or just have your dog as your com­pan­ion you will know you are pro­vid­ing the very best in nutrition.

    XP3020 is brought DIRECT to you, so now you can relax know­ing you can feed all your dogs the very best with­out the high costs.

    No longer will the oldies” have to set­tle for less than the very best.

    Black Hawk Grain Free Range

    The absence of grain makes our food ide­al for pets with sen­si­tive dietary needs. It is also a great choice for those choos­ing to exclude grains from their pet’s diet, to echo the orig­i­nal grain free and pro­tein rich diets their prim­i­tive ances­tors thrived on in the wild.

    Black Hawk Orig­i­nal Range

    Our best friends deserve whole­some, bal­anced and nutri­tious food with real ingre­di­ents that nour­ish well­be­ing and nat­u­ral­ly enhance health. Our sim­ple guid­ing prin­ci­ple is that every sin­gle ingre­di­ent that goes into Black Hawk mat­ters. This is why we com­mit to no fillers, or any­thing arti­fi­cial in our food – just pure 100% real goodness.

    Black Hawk Work­ing Dog

    In farm life, dogs will be dogs and no two days are the same, so why make it hard­er by feed­ing your dogs any­thing less than the best.

    That’s why we have devel­oped a pre­mi­um work­ing dog food using real, nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents to get peak per­for­mance from your team.

    For cats and dogs to achieve the long life and health they deserve, they should eat the food that nature intend­ed them to eat; a diet based on the Prin­ci­ples of Evo­lu­tion­ary Nutri­tion, just as their wild ances­tors did. This type of diet is known as a BARF diet (“BARF” is an acronym for Bio­log­i­cal­ly Appro­pri­ate Raw Food”, as well as a few oth­er inter­pre­ta­tions, includ­ing Bones And Raw Food” and Bio­log­i­cal­ly Appro­pri­ate Real Food”).
    A BARF dietis based on fresh raw foods: raw ani­mal pro­tein (meat, bones and offal), raw veg­eta­bles and fruit, raw whole eggs, yoghurt, kelp and healthy fresh herbs.
    Doc­tor B’s BARF is THE orig­i­nal range of BARF pet food expert­ly devel­oped by Dr. Ian Billinghurst BVSc BScA­gr, Vet­eri­nar­i­an, Ani­mal Nutri­tion­ist, Author and founder of the Prin­ci­ples of Evo­lu­tion­ary Nutri­tion

    Air Dried Food 

    SIN­FUL­LY GOOD” doesn’t even begin to describe these soft lit­tle slices of jerky glory

    Meet Air Dried — A com­plete bal­anced diet with flavours so pure, so right­eous and so divine that dogs will crave them to the core. Air Dry­ing min­imis­es dam­age to the sen­si­tive pro­teins, nutri­ents, enzymes and vit­a­mins, so the raw nutri­tion­al val­ues are pre­served. The food is then fur­ther pro­tect­ed by the sealed air­tight bag you’ll receive it in.

    Every recipe begins with 93% pre­mi­um-qual­i­ty New Zealand sourced meats and organs with the addi­tion of green-lipped mus­sels for joint-sup­port­ing sup­ple­ments and plen­ty of essen­tial vit­a­mins and minerals.

    Air dry­ing min­imis­es dam­age to the sen­si­tive pro­teins, nutri­ents, enzymes and vit­a­mins, so the raw nutri­tion­al val­ues are pre­served. Our air-dry­ing process removes mois­ture but does not rob the fresh meat of its nutri­tion­al integri­ty and nat­ur­al flavour.

    Absolute Holis­tic Air Dried recipes are nutri­ent-dense and high­ly digestible for dogs, offer­ing a safe and shelf-sta­ble alter­na­tive to raw food.

    We pride our­selves on defy­ing tra­di­tion. Putting a spin on the famil­iar. And that’s how it is with our soft lit­tle slices of jerky, oh so whole­some Air Dried. If you think for a sin­gle sec­ond that these mouth­wa­ter­ing jerky are not as nutri­tious as oth­er pre­mi­um food, you’ve got anoth­er thing coming.