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Cats need lots of pro­tein and fat in their diets to be healthy, so it’s impor­tant that you feed them the best cat food on the market.

Kit Cat dry food is packed with pre­mi­um ingre­di­ents that are care­ful­ly sourced and we are proud to set a new stan­dard for qual­i­ty when it comes to nutri­ent-rich cat food.

Our Kit Cat com­plete & bal­anced diet offers your cat a pH lev­el bal­ance whole­some nutri­tion to sup­port a healthy lifestyle. With select­ed qual­i­ty meat con­tain­ing essen­tial vit­a­mins, our Kit Cat for­mu­la also has an opti­mal ration of omega-3 to omega-6 fat­ty acids that pro­motes a healthy heart, skin and coat for your cats.

In addi­tion, this diet con­tains fruc­tooligosac­cha­rides which pro­motes a health­i­er diges­tive track and tau­rine for healthy eyes.

Black Hawk — whole­some food for your cat

One of the most pos­i­tive­ly reviewed cat foods by inde­pen­dant sources, Black Hawk cat and kit­ten food is a stand­out Aus­tralian brand of pet food for­mu­lat­ed with a holis­tic approach to ani­mal nutri­tion. With its loy­al fol­low­ing, Black Hawk has risen to become one of the more afford­able pre­mi­um pet foods, with the added ben­e­fits of hor­mone-free Aus­tralian meats at the top of their ingre­di­ents list. Made right here in Aus­tralia, Black Hawk is a won­der­ful choice for pet par­ents who feel that their cat should fol­low a more nat­ur­al diet.

Black Hawk’s excel­lence only ris­es from there. It’s also known for its inclu­sion of food-grade emu oil (an ingre­di­ent known for its anti-inflam­ma­to­ry, anti-fun­gal and heal­ing prop­er­ties). Black Hawk cat food also boasts func­tion­al, nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents like blue­ber­ries for antiox­i­dants and rose­mary to assist hair growth and com­bat bad breath. Put sim­ply, Black Hawk will nour­ish your cat from the inside out.

Black Hawk grain-free cat food — for sen­si­tive kit­ty tummies

Black Hawk’s grain-free recipes are ide­al for cats with skin and stom­ach sen­si­tiv­i­ties, and replaces grain-based car­bo­hy­drates with nour­ish­ing pota­to and field peas. High-qual­i­ty meat meals (supe­ri­or to stand­alone meat, with its high­er water con­tent) are always the first ingre­di­ent, which is per­fect for cats as they are oblig­ate car­ni­vores and can suf­fer with­out qual­i­ty meat in their diet. In fact, Black Hawk’s grain free vari­eties for cats are 56% meat, legumes, and puls­es — all of which are unlike­ly to cause tum­my upsets in your cat.